Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For the love of food!

  Some people think fat people are only fat because they simply over eat and are lazy. They are compleatly wrong. Ever since I was a baby I have been chubby and just freaken beautiful and I still am today. Only my close friends and family have known that I have been big even when was a little baby. They also know the troubles I have gone through to lose the weight but sometimes it just doesnt work out like how you planned. Now im not going to give up that quest to lose weight because with that gives me lessons I can teach my child/children later on in life.
   Now some people might be lazy, need a little push in the right direction, or just get the idea to change somthing in their life. If so then help them do that! Dont discourage them from their goal even if it is a small one and that goes for everyone and every subject not just this one. If they dont want to change then dont push them unless its for medical health reasons.
    To be honest I have just started eating lunch at school. I didnt stop because school lunch is really bad now especially in high school. Everyone gets a slice of pizza,a cup of french fries,and a bag of 3 normal sized cookies with a bottel of gatoraide. Hell all of the food is so nasty in taste and horrible to put in yout body. No body even knows what kind of meat is in the huge double cheease burgers if it even is meat and Mrs.Obama thinks she is making a change in the school lunches making them healthy well she needs to come to my school because nothing has changed.
      The real reason I stopped eating there for lunch was of the simple fact that I dont like eating infront of people. Every time I do somthing ends up going wrong or i end up looking stupid.Plus if its somthing good that people want then they ask or beg for it. Sometimes they just simply take it. I was done starving till i got home at 3 pm since i dont have time to eat breakfast in the morning eather.So i just started packing my lunch once again.
     So if your one of the people starving yourself to maybe lose weight,not be embarrised, or to not be looked down apon tehn dont. Its really unhealthy and is prone to make you eat more because your body craves almost everything to get energy. Trust me I know from expierence when i get home and raid my fridge like every other teenager does.

   Yes my stories maybe out of order and not fully thought through when i write them but im doing this to improve my writing stills and to just put my feelings out there.


        For thoes of you who dont know me,you can just call me Vanna.I have always wanted a place to write anything and for other people to see so they can learn from what I write. This is my blog and i will be compleatly honest on it and if you find it displeasing then don't read.So now we have that done with I have to say that I am a sophomore in high school and right now seventeen years of age. Thats all the actual information im giving out. Let this party begin
       Did the name of my blog catch you're eye? I thought it would. This all will be "naked",raw,and will contain subjects for people that they might find uncomfortable and hit a spot that makes them feel...well exposed in a way. Now for the fat girl part, I will also state that I am a FAT girl. Size 3x in shirts and 26 possibly 28 size women's pants. Not the normal weight for a high school girl thats only 5'2 now is it?
     This will NOT be a blog to attack skinny people or to bash my weight or other peoples,it will be a story about what really happens in high school that clears up some fake tales and other BS that people love to make up for the fun of it. I will also be covering the subject of relationships! fun right?
      If anyone wants to join into this then please do! All people are welcome unless you are here to bash what im loving,if so then just leave and dont start crap for no reason.
      P.S. I have really bad spelling on occations so if i do then you can correct me but please dont over do it and be easy on me.